It may take you more than experiencing that peppery and tasty feel of your favourite pizza to keep going back to a pizza restaurant. It could be about the unique way your pizza is served or even more about the variety of options presented on the menu. Buttressing on the latter, folks are often being drawn to restaurants just to munch on different well-made pizzas – like could be got on wise guy pizza menu – at various times. So, let’s take some time out to see the types of pizza that may be found on the menu list.

Pizza Quattro Stagioni

Need a pizza in seasons? Then, a delicacy of pizza Quattro Stagioni, which is vastly known as “four seasons pizza”, may be all you desire. It is so named with consideration to how it is prepared – in four sections – and the ingredients that go into it are representational of the different (weather) seasons. Its main ingredients include mushrooms (indicating autumn); artichokes (indicating spring); olives and ham (indicating winter) and basil and tomatoes (indicating summer).

Pizza Margherita

This special has got some royal touch to it, and the colour combo takes one back to its origin – Italy. It is usually prepared using a species of plum tomato known as San Marzano tomato, along with extra-virgin olive oil, fresh basil, mozzarella cheese, and of course, salt to taste. This pizza is so appetizing that you will always find it hard to resist a bite.

Pizza capricciosa

Pizza capricciosa is another mouth-watering treat you may find on a pizza menu. This particular type is prepared in a variety of ways. The most common, however, involves a blend of ingredients like artichokes, mozzarella cheese, ham, tomato, and mushroom. You might have right noticed that this particular pizza has nearly the same ingredients as the four seasons pizza, but you may not get to know this when served as the arrangements of the ingredients vary.

Seafood pizza

If you’re a lover of seafood then this is one slice of pizza you may want to try – if you haven’t – or one that you’ll never get tired of munching on. The variety of seafood that can go into the seafood pizza is unlimited – from shrimp to salmon, tuna, snail, scallops, lobster…you name them. Any of these seafoods can be used in combination with other ingredients such as vegetable oil, mozzarella cheese, basil, salt, sugar, and so on.

Hawaiian pizza

Pizza doesn’t have to always be an all-Italian affair – not even when you’ve got a well-made Hawaiian pizza on the menu. This pizza delicacy is made from ham, mozzarella cheese, and bacon – and dough like every other pizza. The toppings used are typically pineapple along with bacon or ham.

Pizza marinara

The uniqueness of pizza marinara lies in its tomato toppings – which areunmistakable. Other ingredients used in preparing it include garlic, extra virgin olive oil, oregano, and anchovies. Pizza marinara is a simple, but yet delicious pizza treats you will love to taste.

…and the list of scrumptious pizzas on the menu goes on.