Nobody likes soggy French fries that lack crispiness. This article has a way to fix that issue for good. Don’t worry, it is not that hard. Instead, these tips will end up making everything easier for you. Read on to know more.

  1. Use high starch potatoes

Potatoes are loaded with starch and water. High starch bears a dry texture. They are best suited for French fries. Russet potatoes have the lowest moisture and high starch content which is perfect for making French fries. Such potatoes can be used for almost all purposes. They are moderate in starch and moisture and hence can easily be used in any potato recipe. Speaking of potatoes, for those who like aloo tikki, there’s something for you too!

  1. After you cut and peel them, cut them into thin strips

This makes sure that the fries are evenly cooked. The smaller the strips, the more easily they get crispy. Thinner strips bear a large surface area, and this is where the water can evaporate. There are many machines available where you can adjust the thickness. You can also cut round or crinkle slices for making potato chips. Keep in mind to rinse off extra starch after you cut them so that you don’t end up with soggy fries.

  1. Dehydrate them before you fry

If something has a lot of water content in it, it will be hard to make it crispy. There are machines today available for French fries that dehydrate the potatoes well after they are washed and blanched. So, make the most of such machines to get dry potatoes.


  1. Deep fry with temperature control

There are also many machines where you can control the temperature of the oil. The temperature of the water is cooled down by natural air and the system of the machine itself. When the temperature is accurate, it makes sure that you get crispy French fries by all means.

  1. Fry the fries twice

When you fry the French fries once at a lower temperature, ensure that they are of golden color. Frying them for the second time, at a higher temperature is where the real deal is. They turn golden brown and crispy. After the first batch of frying, remove the fries and then drain them. Bring them down to room temperature for 15 minutes. Or you can also freeze them in a freezer until they are ready to be used again. When they have a tougher surface or a cooler interior, the fries develop more of that crisp you need before you burn them away.