Whenever you start something new, the toughest part is getting all of the information you need. And when it comes to decorating cookies it is usually a time marked by trial and error. To get started with your decorating endeavor, you need decorating tools. If you still don’t have them, you can get them from Color My Cookie. The website has everything you need to get started, offering you a black canvas to test your decorating skills. If you are new to cookie decorating and don’t know where to start, the following tips can help you decorate cookies like a pro in no time:

Choose a Good Icing Recipe

The best sugar cookie icing is delicious and with a consistency that you can easily adjust.  A thicker icing is ideal for creating borers on cookies. A thinner flood icing can be squeezed out onto the cookies within the border you make with the thicker outline icing. If you don’t have your own icing recipe, you can easily find great ones online. Some of your baker friends may also be able to share their recipes with you.

A good cookie icing recipe has special instructions for thinning royal icing for cookies. This prevents the formation of air bubbles, which are a common problem in cookie decorating.

Pick a Color Palette

It is important to decide the number of colors of icing you would use and divide the icing accordingly. To color your icing, use a toothpick to transfer gel icing coloring into your bowls of icing and stir in using a rubber spatula. Make sure to use the gel sparingly and just add more if you want a deeper hue.

Learn About Different Decorating Techniques you can Use

Decorating cookies includes offering them dimension and flair. You can achieve this by employing various decorating methods. You can pipe decorations like lines, dots, and shapes on the surface of the icing using a different color of thinned icing. While the color and design will remain defined, it will level the icing’s surface. You can create well-defined areas by doing coverings in sections and drying partially around one hour. Allow the sections to set up to prevent them from merging. This will create a dimensional look.

Moreover, to create a puffy look, squeeze a bit more icing on the surface, ensuring it doesn’t overflow. When the icing dries, water will evaporate from the surface and the wet icing will look flatten. To make up for the flattening effect, overfill a little, ensuring the cookie maintains a puffy look.

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