If you’re thinking that we’re talking about a basket, you’re wrong. However, if you are someone who loves seafood way too much, you know what a seafood basket is. Well, this article will act as your guide to the perfect seafood basket recipe in Australia.


What is a seafood basket?

For those who are unaware, a seafood basket is also referred to as a fisherman’s basket. This is one of the most loved recipes in Australia. It is a combination of fried seafood such as prawns, calamari and fish fillet.

Depending on the country or region where it is served, the contents of the seafood basket will vary. In many places, crab sticks, scallops and oysters are also served as a part of the seafood basket. The seafood baskets usually have a cocktail sauce. It may appear like fish and chips.

If you look for seafood basket, you will come across different recipes. However, if you’re too lazy to prepare anything by yourself, you can consider buying one too. A&T Trading has an exclusive collection of seafood baskets. It is a collection of a variety of fishes and scallops. Moreover, if you’re a prawn lover, you’re going to love this dish.

The best seafood basket recipe ingredients

Australians love seafood baskets. It is easy to prepare, and extremely delicious. However, it is necessary that you include every ingredient thoroughly. If you’re unable to find fresh fish in the market, you can always move ahead with the frozen ones. However, if you are using frozen fish, you need to ensure that you defrost it properly before frying.

Apart from the fish and seafood of your choice you need to get vegetable oil, bread crumbs, cup milk and tartare sauce. The bread crumbs play an important role in adding an extra layer of crunch. This helps to make the seafood even more tasty.

Tips to prepare seafood basket

When you’re preparing a seafood basket, you need to ensure that you follow every step properly. However, if you are new to the process, you should consider doing some research. YouTube can be one of the best sources of learning how to prepare seafood baskets.

Here’s everything you need to keep in mind while preparing a seafood basket:

  • You need to clean the seafood properly. This will play a key role in helping you prepare the basket. Moreover, if you’ve chosen frozen seafood, you need to defrost it completely.
  • You should prepare the batter in which you will be dipping the seafood. The batter needs to be prepared using milk, eggs, salt and flour. However, it is also crucial that you prepare an egg mixture along with breadcrumbs. The coating of breadcrumbs contributes to the crunchiness.
  • Heat the oil and then fry the seafood. It is always advisable to fry the seafood in batches so that each one of it can be cooked properly.
  • You serve the basket either with sauce or wedges. Many people prefer having it with vegetables and chips.

Preparing a seafood basket is no tough task. However, if you do some research and try your hands on it, things will become easier. Therefore, start practising to master the art of preparing a seafood basket.