Anyone who has ever had a drink with alcohol can have a lot of negative side effects. For example, alcohol is not healthy for your liver, and it can also cause problems with your relationships.

Sometimes drinking is fun, but sometimes you want to enjoy the taste without any of the consequences. Here, we will talk about how you can make an alcoholic drink without alcohol!

What are the best drinks to make?

  • One of the best alcoholic drinks without alcohol is a mojito!

This drink has only four ingredients, and you can even make it with just three if you want. You will need mint leaves, sugar cane juice or syrup, lime juice, club soda/sparkling water for this recipe.

All that’s left then is to put them together in a glass and serve! Your friends won’t know the difference between an alcoholic version and a non-alcoholic one because they both taste so good!

  • Another great option for making your favorite alcoholic drink without alcohol is using extracts like vanilla extract or almond extract instead of actual liquor.
  • You can even use things like Kahlua coffee liqueur or amaretto cream liqueur instead of regular alcohol, and your drink will taste just as good!


Making non-alcoholic drinks without alcohol is a great way to enjoy all the fun flavors from cocktails without negative side effects. Aperitif is one of the best to try out now. Try it out for yourself! You can even experiment with different ingredients or recipes if you want to. Have fun making non-alcoholic drinks that don’t sacrifice flavor but still keep things on the healthier side. Cheers!

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