Luxury chocolate boxes

Need a gift that’s practical? But also want a gift that awakens all 5 senses thanks to the incredible flavours, sweet aromas, eye-catching designs, rich textures, and the rustle of unwrapping? Here are some gifts boxes which merge the best of both worlds! Patchi’s At Home Collection is the trendy union between premium chocolates and a home accessory that’s useful when you’re hosting guests. And best of all, you can order any chocolate gift from the At Home Collection online and have it delivered straight to a home or office anywhere in Lebanon, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Bahrain, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. It’s a contemporary luxury that makes every day special.


Why settle for regular chocolate box packaging when you can have outstanding packaging with an elegant flair for design and a stylish flurry of color? Each one of Patchi’s dark chocolate gift boxes embodies a distinct aesthetic appeal that makes it uniquely stunning. And the fabulous choice of different chocolate flavours and fillings  from classical crunchy hazelnut to exciting crispy crepes with orange make it totally sensational. The selection is vast, including assorted unwrapped dark chocolates, chocolate coated Jordan almonds, dark chocolate with no added sugar, and wrapped dark chocolate. With the rich intensity of 70% cocoa featuring strong in all our unique dark chocolate collections, some boxes feature 80% and 55% cocoa dark chocolate creations.


Why settle for a normal chocolate box when you can have the cappuccino cups and saucers gift set from Patchi’s At Home Collection? It’s two modern white cups with contrasting black saucers in addition to velvety milk chocolates and intense dark chocolates. Chic and stimulating.

Premium chocolate boxes


Why settle for a standard assorted chocolate box when you can have the mocktail gift set from Patchi’s At Home Collection? It’s 4 attractive cups with stirring sticks combined with premium chocolate delights. A mix of sensations and an invitation to get creative with mocktails.


Gift chocolate boxes can be different. They can be all about the chocolate but also all about the experience. Patchi’s At Home Collection offers different types of gift boxes that spark special moments, make memories, and bring people together. They’re a welcoming statement about sharing stories and having good conversations with your family, friends, and colleagues. Perfect gifts for hosting from the world’s finest chocolate host.

Dark chocolate boxes

Serve It Up

Serve up the good times with special gifts that feature a versatile serving tray or multipurpose serving cups.

Love treating your guests to appetisers, dips, and salty snacks? Then the multipurpose wooden serving boards and 3 ceramic bowls set with chocolates is ideal. Truly practical, it’s also decorative and adds a magic touch to any event or gathering.

Like treating your guests to savoury and sweet delights? Then the 4 stylish serving cups with spoons and batonnet chocolate is simply wonderful. Simply perfect for ceviche, prawn cocktail, dips, desserts, and other temptations.

Prefer treating your guests to something sweet? Then the 4 modern serving cups for ice cream, yogurt, mousse, and other desserts paired with premium pepite de chocolat is exactly what you need.

Gift chocolate boxes

Says Cheers

Create the opportunity to raise your glasses and say cheers with the elegant carafe that comes with a generous amount of marvellous Merveille (milk chocolate filled with milk chocolate cream and caramelized crispy crêpe). Here’s to great moments and laughter!

Store It

Need a great gift for any gathering or occasion that can be enjoyed in the moment and yet leaves a very lasting impression? The jars from the At Home Collection are sublime. Enjoy the mouth-watering chocolate and then use the spacious glass jar container to stash away candy, cookies, coffee, flour, or whatever else you want. Attractively designed, you can simply use the jar to decorate your home.

Sip Serenity

Appreciate relaxing and unwinding in the comfort of your home while sipping freshly brewed tea? Increase the serene pleasure with a gift set featuring 2 sheer glass minimalist teacups with bold black trays coupled with caramel biscuit milk chocolate or a gift set with a black tea pot and 2 sheer glass minimalist teacups paired with premium chocolates. How heart-warming.

Decorative chocolate boxes


Looking for a sweet pick me up or energizing buzz? Then the luxury coffee and hot chocolate gift sets from Patchi’s At Home Collection are waiting to be discovered. They make great chocolate gift boxes for birthday and spectacular gifts for any event or occasion.

Chocoholics rejoice! Enjoy the Patchi experience at home with a gift set featuring 4 modern hot chocolate cups and assortment of Jordan almonds and chocolate covered hazelnuts, almonds, and crisped rice. Don’t forget that you can make incredible hot chocolate by melting Patchi’s premium plain milk or dark chocolate.

Coffee lovers, this is exclusively for you. Craving smooth milk chocolate filled with coffee beans? Then choose the gift set with 2 white espresso cups and stylish wooden trays. Prefer smooth milk chocolate thins and extra cups? Then select the gift set with 4 white espresso cups and stylish wooden trays. Either is a strong wake up call to smell the coffee and embrace each day.


Still undecided or looking for a gift that reflects someone’s personality and taste? In addition to the convenience of ordering any chocolate box online, Patchi lets you personalise gifts. With Create Your Box you can choose your preferred box size and pick the chocolate flavours and varieties you want. This option really shows you know someone and truly care.

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