Everyone adores biting into the golden brown crispy and chewy pizza crust. Make it at home when the mind craves every time for a slice rather than heading to the restaurant and draining the pocket. Homemade pizza taste is debatable but the ones people cook in a gas-powered Ooni Koda 16 model are pretty close. Visit BBQs 2U for a live demonstration.

BBQs 2U is a store in the UK that offers branded grills and Ooni Pizza ovens. People have been buying quality BBQ brands like the Napoleon, Kamado Joe, and Masterbuilt. The family deals in a few brands because they have tried and tested these before becoming a certified retailer. The family is keen to make their customer’s barbequing experience great.

BBQs 2U even has an inventory of accessories associated with branded grills and ovens. It doesn’t matter if buyers choose charcoal or gas-powered products. The BBQs 2U team will educate them on how to advantageously use the chosen barbeque, with some detailed information.

The Ooni Koda is an outdoor oven designed to use propane or natural gas. The Koda 16 stands with legs extended and is 14.5” in height. The unit weighs 40lbs. It is 25” x 23” in length and width. The cooking surface is 16.5” with an entrance height of 5”. The oven can cook 16” pizza leaving some space for pizza rotation if necessary.

The oven takes 20 minutes to preheat and can reach as high as 932°F. It has an L-shaped burner, which runs on the back and along the oven’s left side. It means pizza rotation is essential every 20 seconds. The pizza turns crusty soon, while the dough moisture stays sealed. Thus the base does not become soggy. Gain a flavorful fluffy crust that is chewy and soft. The toppings are also cooked quickly and uniformly.

Kamado Joe UK offers premium ceramic grills. The walls are thick, allowing perfect heat retention. The ceramic structure of Kamado Joe is fuel-efficient and great for slow or long cooks, especially to cook all winter. Kamado Joe Classic III is equipped with a unique 3-tier divide & conquer cooking system that allows cooking on 3 different surfaces at different temperatures.

The SloRoller insert transforms Kamado Joe Classic II into a hyperbolic smoking chamber. The Kamado lid can be lifted with ease because of the specially designed airlift hinge.

BBQs 2U are also available on Facebook, where viewers can learn about the latest up-gradation in the BBQs and ovens. Fans even share their recipes and experiences associated with grilling and smoking. Fans are satisfied with how the Classic Joe Kamado is easy to clean. The Joe Jr is portable and has a Kontrol Tower designed from cast iron that prevents rainwater from penetrating inside the grill.

BBQs 2U has been striving for years to offer customers the largest selection of branded grills, and BBQ essentials. Even check out the Masterbuilt and Napoleon barbeques in their store. Every product and accessory they sell can enhance the backyard grilling experience!