When we think about whiskey, we usually get a first impression in our mind that old men drink it, while sitting in leather seats. This is true that whiskey is usually connected to older people, but this trend has tremendously been shifted from older to younger in past couple of years. Now, we see that young people also order whiskey, but the chances of committing mistakes are higher with the young ones. In this post, we will describe the three most common mistakes which people make while they are ordering monkey shoulder in the bar. It is important to know these mistakes and rectify them on spot in order to enjoy your drinking experience more.

  • People usually listen to too much advice. This is not bad, but this will actually snub your own taste development. You should try it in your own way.
  • People stick to the idea which is in their mind and are reluctant in trying something new. You should try new things and should develop your taste.
  • Ordering water and ice with your drink is another common mistake which is made by people. If you want to enjoy the real taste, try it neat first.